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Enchanted Fairy Garden Class

As you know, I love the Spring. With the sun warming everything, the birds chirping and the fairies flitting around my garden. Yes, you read that right – Fairy Garden season is upon us, and I’m anxious to see proof that all my hard work last year paid off and… Read More

Phalaenosis Orchid Care Information

Phalaenopsis orchids are one of the easiest orchid to care for.  They are long lasting, can bloom up to 3 months or more and are relatively maintenance free.  These lovely plants are a favorite houseplant that will add pose and elegance to any room. Phalaenopsis orchid care sheet

My House looked so Dreary

OK.  So now it is January and the holiday hype is all over. The Christmas decorations are all down and my house looks so empty and blah. I spent the weekend moving around furniture, dragging pieces around each room, only to put them back to where they were before. So… Read More