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10″ Ficus Alii


LIGHT  Bright indirect light to bright shade, will take a small amount of direct sun.
WATER Check the soil moisture before watering your ficus. You will find that the time between watering will vary with the season and weather. To check, place your finger in the soil to a depth of 2”. If it feels wet, do not water. When watering, apply enough water until it runs out the drain holes at the bottom of the pot. Remove all the extra water from the saucer.
FACTS Notorious for dropping leaves when they‘re moved from one location to another; they also tend to lose them in autumn as days grow shorter. New foliage (peach colour with reddish stems) develop fairly rapidly as long as they get reasonable amounts of light. Avoid drafts such as air conditioning or heating vents. Prune to shape in the winter if required.

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