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10″ Keylime Citrus Plant


How to Care for Citrus Trees

Sunlight – Citrus love lots of sun; they will not tolerate our winters, so be prepared to move them inside and outside for the seasons.  It might be best to place on rolling stand to move around your garden for the sunniest location.  Citrus love about 8 – 12 hours of sunlight a day.  In the winter, you might want to consider a grow light and the brightest exposure you have in your home.

Humidity – Citrus love lots of humidity – a minimum of 50%, which is easy to accommodate in spring and summer.  In fall and winter, consider placing your citrus on a pebble tray filled with water, as the water will evaporate upwards.  Do not mist, as this may create mildew on your plan.

Soil – Your citrus requires a properly-sized pot with high quality soil.  It must have excellent drainage, ability to retain water, and have a high percentage of nutrient-dense organic matter.

Fertilize regularly with a citrus-specific fertilizer.

Water – Keep the soil consistently moist, but do not drown the plant.  The top inch of soil should dry out between watering, but don’t ever let it dry out completely.  Simply check the soil with your finger every day.  Top up the water when the soil is dry up to the first knuckle.  Make sure the pot is NOT sitting in water.

Winter to Spring to Winter – When risk of frost has passed, you can bring your tree back outside.  Harden off your citrus, similar to the way you harden off hibiscus or starter seedings.  In the fall, bring inside before the temperature dips below 10 degrees C.

Facts – If kept indoors year-round, the plants will likely need a bit of pollination assistance when they do flower.  Use an artist’s paintbrush or cotton swab to transfer pollen from one flower to another.

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