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10″ Kimberly Fern


Kimberly queen fern doesn’t tolerate frosty temperatures. If you live in a cold-winter area, you’ll need to treat this plant as an annual or move it indoors for the winter. Inside, it likes medium light with abundant humidity. Try grouping your Kimberly queen fern with other houseplants and place a small humidifier near it to increase the amount of moisture in the air. When the humidity is too low, the fern develops brown, crispy fronds. While Kimberly queen fern thrives in shade, it also tolerates partially sunny spots if kept evenly moist. Kimberly queen fern is a natural air purifier when grown indoors.

Outdoors, Kimberly Queen fern is an evergreen perennial in tropical and subtropical areas such as South Florida.

This tropical fern typically doesn’t require a lot of fertilizer. At minimum, you can fertilize once a twice a year — every six months or so. If you would like your Kimberly Queen fern to grow faster, you can feed it more frequently, following the directions on the fertilizer packaging. You can use any general-purpose fertilizer on this fern; it’s not particularly fussy.

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