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10″ Lyrata Standard (Fiddleleaf Fig) 3 Ft tall


LIGHT :Prefers moderate to bright light. If it is not receiving enough light,the plant will appear to be reaching as well as new growth will be limited or smaller than older growth. Leaves may also begin to drop if the plant is not receiving enough light. If foliage begins to discolor and look almost bleached, the plant may be receiving too much direct sunlight.
WATER:Requires moderate to low amounts of water. Tend to prefer to dryslightly between waterings. If the edges of the leave begin to brown, you are most likely under watering the plant. On the other hand, if the foliage begins to droop and yellow leaves begin falling, chances are you are over watering the plant. Be careful not to continue over watering this houseplant because it is susceptible to root/stem rot.
FACTS :Tends to grow slowly, so if you decide to pruneit in order to make the plant more compact, do keep this in mind.

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