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10″ Majesty Palm


Majesty Palm Growing Instructions

Indoors, majesty palm thrives in a spot with medium to bright light. They can tolerate low-light conditions for extended periods, but we don’t recommend keeping them in low light permanently.

Water majesty palm enough to keep the potting mix evenly moist, but not wet or saturated. Because it’s not particularly drought tolerant, majesty palm is a good candidate for so-called self-watering planters. This palm also prefers humid environments making it an excellent choice for decorating large, well-lit bathrooms.

Easy-care majesty palm doesn’t require pruning, except to remove old fronds that have started to turn yellow.

Fertilize majesty palm with a general-purpose houseplant fertilizer. You can fertilize regularly for faster growth, or just a couple of times a year for slower growth — it’s up to you. No matter how often you fertilize, follow the directions on the fertilizer packaging to ensure you’re giving it the correct dose.

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