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10″ Monstera Swiss Cheese on Wooden Stake


LIGHT: To keep your plant from stretching place it in bright filtered or indirect light. They can survive in very low light situations but they won‘t keep a compact growth habit and is advised to provide a support for the plant to climb up.
WATER: Allow the soil of large plants to dry down 2″ or more between waterings. Smaller plants should dry down about 1″ before watering.
FACTS: It is also known as the Swiss cheese plant. The aerial roots grow downward out of the thick stem and take root where they touch the ground Plants need especially ideal conditions, consisting of high humidity, constantly warm temperatures and bright, indirect light, before they will produce fruit, very rare inside a home. This old time favorite has withstood the test of time. “Split-leaf” Philodendron is very adaptable and easy to grow.

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