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14″ Standard Ficus Burgandy Rubber / Elastica


LIGHT :  Will grow vigorously in full sunlight; also thrives indoors in bright, medium light. Old-fashioned rubber trees are quite reliable when grown in a north-facing window that never receives any direct sunlight. Provide as much light as possible for optimum growth, keep away from cold and drafts in winter.
WATER:  Keep soil light to moderately moist with good drainage. Most any soil will be fine and largely sandy soils mixed with some organics are ideal for repotting.
FACTS  Avoid repotting until the roots are obviously pot-bound and only increase the size of the new container 2”. Among the oldest plants used as houseplants worldwide. May be pruned to control their size. Pruning tends to encourage branching and may result in fuller growth. Prune as you would any woody plant, making your cuts just above a node, where a leaf is attached to the stem or where another stem branches off. You can also prune just above a leaf scar, even though there’s no leaf there any more. New growth should arise from the scar area.

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