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Magnificant Orchid Planter – 4 Orchids


Our Staff will select the nicest “different colour” orchid that we have. These orchids are commonly referred to as the “Moth or Butterfly Orchid” and are one of the easiest orchids to care for.  Because the long-lasting flowers can bloom for up to three months and are relatively maintenance free, these lovely plants are a favorite houseplant that adds poise and elegance to any room. Lighting – Phalaenopsis orchids like bright, indirect sunlight.  They thrive in eastern windows, or shady western and southern exposures.  Do not place your orchid in full sun, as they can burn.  A firm, medium green leaf indicates that your orchid is happy, while a floppy dark green shows that your plant is not getting enough light. Watering – Water your orchid once a week, allowing the potting mix to almost dry out between watering.  Do not let your Phalaenopsis stand in water.   The best method is to water in the sink and let it drip dry.  Do not use the “Ice Cube” method, as it is initially very cold for the plant and can damage the root system. Feeding – Using an orchid specific fertilizer (high in nitrogen), fertilize twice a month from March to October, and once a month during the other months. After flowering – Once your orchid has finished blooming, you have two choices.  You can cut the stem down to 1 inch above the leaves which will allow the plant to put all its energy into producing a new flower stem for the following season.

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